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Vision of GOD’S wrath on those who support abortion

Vision of GOD'S wrath on those who support abortion

“The following vision was shown to me on September 25, 2010. It was a shocking thing to see but I must share it. For the Lion is roaring and is about to avenge the blood of the innocent. I was worshiping, singing: “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty”, when suddenly I saw in [...]

I Want To Live – Right Brothers Pro-Life Music Video

Music video addressing the issues of adoption and abortion. If only MTV showed teens music videos like this. It’s a great country song and the video will cut straight to your heart. This song and video surfaced, the pro-life and anti-adoption song “I Want To Live” and received over 1 million views. I Want To [...]

Nick Cannon: “CAN I LIVE” Anti-Abortion Music Video

AFI FEST Presented By Audi Opening Night Gala Of "Bobby" - Arrivals

This classic video from our very own Nick Cannon describes his appreciation for his mom and her tough decision regarding abortion. The video stars Tatyana Ali and the song was produced by Kanye West and featured Anthony Hamilton. Nick’s incredible true story of his mom’s decision not to abort him. Heartfelt and convincing, this music [...]

HARD TRUTH -GET CONTROVERSIAL – Anti-Abortion Music Video by Nerve’s First


This “Hard Truth” music video exposes abortion like no other video. How can this be legal? Abortion is the ULTIMATE CHILD ABUSE and this video proves it with amazing fetal development, and so much more…Learn the facts about abortion, and how it will IMPACT YOU, before you have an abortion… not after. (Part of the [...]

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