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22 Week Abortion Picture, this is a slaughter of an innocent baby abortion is wrong!


This 22 Week Abortion Picture shows the innocent baby victim lying lifeless in an abortion clinic. This abortion picture looks like a crime scene photo. This precious plan of GOD killed and thrown away. When will people understand that abortion is murder. If the heart is beating and someone stops it from beating, that is [...]

Live Abortion Picture of a baby being snatched out of the vagina


This is the horrible view of child murder. Live Abortion Picture of a baby being snatched out of the vagina. We need to pray that this abortion picture comes to the mind of people when they think a baby does not have a right to live. Notice the little arm, that is a small baby [...]

This Abortion Picture is so sad, and gruesome


This innocent baby was not only murdered by it’s mother and a doctor, it was treated like nothing. As the reality of this abortion picture provoked me to anger I was over taken by sadness. No life should be treated like that. This child had a purpose that was given by GOD. Pictures of abortions [...]

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