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Record amount of babies saved from abortion in Boston in 2011

Record amount of babies saved from abortion in Boston in 2011

Boston pro-lifers are celebrating a new record set last year for the number of babies spared from death at area abortion clinics.

The total number of babies saved from an untimely death by Saturday, December 31st, 2011 was 116, after Boston sidewalk councilors confirmed on that day that a young woman chose life for her baby, despite her mother’s wishes to the contrary. The number of babies saved in 2010 was 74. The old record was from 2009, with 99 babies saved.
Operation Rescue Boston collects their statistics from three of Boston’s abortion clinics, including Planned Parenthood in Brighton, Women’s Health in Brookline, and a private clinic in Haverhill.

Bill Cotter, head of Operation Rescue Boston has a strict criteria for what counts as a baby saved. Women must actually visit the abortion clinic and upon walking out, verbally express to a sidewalk councilor that they have decided not to go through with the procedure.

The pro-life group attributes their success to the implementation of a new strategy in which a pro-life group called Defenders of Women display glossy signs warning about the dangers of abortion and hand out attractive pro-life pamphlets in area schools, carnivals, colleges, and even on the streets.

The Boston pro-life group says that the pamphlets are making it easier for them to make a connection with women who access the clinics.

Pro-life activist talks to high school students & warns them about the dangers of abortion. Two women put their hand over their mouth & gasp, 1 male screams, another covers both eyes w/ his hands. Students are horrified that abortion clinics are tricking women into killing their babies & getting away with it.

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