Vision of GOD’S wrath on those who support abortion

Vision of GOD'S wrath on those who support abortion

“The following vision was shown to me on September 25, 2010. It was a shocking thing to see but I must share it. For the Lion is roaring and is about to avenge the blood of the innocent.
I was worshiping, singing: “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty”, when suddenly I saw in the spirit a pair of black scales standing in front of me. I wondered why they looked uneven. I knew God was showing me a vision for the United States.

In my vision, the left side of the scale was all the way up, and the right side was all the way down. Completely unbalanced. Then He showed me why. Upon the right side there appeared a bloody, aborted baby. And upon the left side stood a small stack of shiny, unmarked gold coins.

Then, superimposed over the vision of the scales, appeared the head of a lion. It was the Lion of the Tribe of Judah! His eyes were fierce and blazing, full of holy wrath. When He roared, fire came from His mouth like a blow torch. Here is what the Lord is saying to the U.S.A:

‘You have forsaken Me and turned this land into a place of wickedness and greed. You have filled it with the blood of innocent children. For the sake of profit, you have killed multitudes of precious lives. You will soon see that the money was not worth it, when your deeds are balanced on the scales of My justice. Your money will turn to dust, yet your souls will live in torment for eternity if you do not turn from your wicked ways and seek Me NOW. United States of America, if you do not return to Me, I will roar through your cities like a fire devouring you completely, and you shall be no more.’ ”

I am nobody. Not “qualified” to relay such a message. But the Lord has given it to me, and it’s with a heavy heart yet willing spirit that I pass it along. My prayer is that many will read this & repent before it’s too late.

Scripture passages for study:
Ezekiel 22:12-16
Jeremiah 18:11-12
Jeremiah 19
Isaiah 22:12-13
Book of Amos
Book of Joel
Book of Nahum

Song used: “People Get Ready” by Misty Edwards

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  1. Kylee says:

    :Cry: It makes me sad to think that people would go and hurt these poor innocent little human beings when they didnt even get the chance to come into this world.. I love what you have told people and i believe it was a good idea to put it up on this website.. I am AGAINST abortion and everybody else should be too..

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