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Anti-Abortion Ads Target Black Women


An Austin-based pro-life nonprofit group is behind a controversial ad campaign that blames Planned Parenthood for high abortion rates in the black community. Most abortion clinics are in minority areas. “While Black women have higher rates of abortion based on race (38.5% of all abortions), White women still account for over half (almost 60%) of [...]

Former Abortion Clinic Worker Testifies that Live-Born Baby was Stabbed to Death


Wichita, KS, June 24, 2008 ( – A murder investigation has been opened involving Shelley Sella, a California abortionist employed by George Tiller, who according to a former employee is reported to have intentionally stabbed to death an infant born alive during an abortion at Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Services abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas. [...]

European Court Rules Against Ireland’s Anti-Abortion Law

European Court of Human Rights

The European Court of Human Rights ruled on Thursday that Ireland’s strict anti-abortion law violated the rights of a woman whose cancer drove her to seek an abortion abroad. The court’s decision put strong international pressure on the heavily Roman Catholic country to make an exception in cases where the mother’s health is at risk. [...]

Indiana GOP state lawmakers targeting abortion


NDIANAPOLIS — Emboldened by their majorities in both houses of the Indiana General Assembly, some Republican state lawmakers intend to push for tighter controls on abortions during the coming legislative session. Working with Indiana Right to Life, state Sen. Greg Walker, R-Columbus, and Rep. Wes Culver, R-Goshen, say they will offer legislation modeled after a [...]

Baby And Cat Baby Picture


This is a very cute baby picture. The baby and the cat both seem to like each others company. When I has my first child I didn’t want any pets to get too near my baby. I do not recommend that you do this because of fleas and ticks. However, if you know your pet [...]

Morning After Pill Risks (Abortion Pill)


Not only could morning-after pill (abortion pill) kill a tiny preborn life in its earliest stages, but the ‘morning-after’ pill is also very dangerous to a woman’s health. If one reads the patient information package insert for regular hormonal birth control (remember, emergency contraception is a mega-dose of the regular birth control pill), one will [...]

Argentina house holds 1st-ever abortion debate


BUENOS AIRES –  A key committee of Argentine legislators is launching a first-ever debate on legalizing abortion in the largely Roman Catholic Christian country. The proposed law would legalize abortion during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and has been signed by about 50 lawmakers in Argentina’s 257-person House of Deputies. The debate in the [...]

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