Real Abortion Video Real Truth Abortion Educational Video


How precious life is from start to finish, we should cherish life and every moment of it. This video starts off mild but progresses to show the real horrific details of abortions taking place all on video. I recommend this video to everyone that thinks abortion is not murder. These poor innocent babies were killed and disposed of like nothing. We must speak out for them. God is the creator of life, and He has a purpose and a plan for every life He creates. This is a horrible thing that wicked people do with a very selfish excuse. God will judge them. Pray for the eyes of all to be opened to the horrors and sin of abortion. Jesus Loves You!

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5 Responses to “Real Abortion Video Real Truth Abortion Educational Video”

  1. Thanks because of this article and it’s lively feedback!

  2. Fintan Wade says:

    Abortion is real murder approved by all who stay silence on this issus. It is the greatest abomination of the humain race!

    • Clarissa says:

      i agree with you. abortion is murder. those babies were helpless and couldnt defend themselves. why would people do that? babies are supposed to be blessings not burdons.

  3. Rose says:

    If murder is a crime then why shouldn’t abortion be considered as a crime….?

  4. ashley says:

    why would people do that? i know a ladie who had 2 abortions and it was not looking good at all and they dont know tat they are messing up what god created and they can go to hell for that me personaly i dont believe in having an abortions at all it hurts me to look at some pictures becouse what they done did

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