22 Week Abortion Picture, this is a slaughter of an innocent baby abortion is wrong!


This 22 Week Abortion Picture shows the innocent baby victim lying lifeless in an abortion clinic. This abortion picture looks like a crime scene photo.
This precious plan of GOD killed and thrown away.
When will people understand that abortion is murder.
If the heart is beating and someone stops it from beating, that is the definition of murder. Why do people think it’s different for babies!
Take a good look at this abortion picture and see it for what it is. MURDER!!!

View full size abortion picture here
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3 Responses to “22 Week Abortion Picture, this is a slaughter of an innocent baby abortion is wrong!”

  1. Oyinlola Uche says:

    I pray that may ALmighty GOD have mercy on us all. I mean everyone of us…. What of teenagers going through abortion!it is pathetic….. The Bible says “judge not so that you will not be judged…..” “nobody is holy.. no not one”…
    Heavenly FATHER i dont see your face ooooo, but I Oyinlola Uche pray from the deepth of my heart that YOU should please have mercy on us and forgive us Dear LORD for we know not what we are doing……. can somebody please say AMEN…….

  2. Jaylene says:

    There’s a terrific amonut of knowledge in this article!

  3. Hailey says:

    I dont believe abortion is ok at any time! but at 22 weeks a baby could be born and survive. Its all disgusting and all murder.

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